The compulsory Secondary Education Stage (12-16 years) comprises of four courses.

At this stage students consolidate their study habits and are helped to take their academic training seriously  applying criteria of scientific rigor and ethical assessment.

  • State of the arts technology
    Through which students develop creativity and capacity for  abstraction, systematic structured logical formal thinking, teamwork and the integration of  knowledge of science and technology.
  • Learning Social skills
    The students of the second stage of ESO fulfill  a complete program of action and service. Students are expected to take part  in a variety of service activities,  collaborating with the community. Always simultaneous with their academic studies.
  • Applied mathematics
    A discipline designed to develop and give strategies to students so that they are able to analyze and solve mathematical situations in a real and practical context.
  • Live language
    We prepare students to be able to interact appropriately, know how to put forward their opinions, communicate their thoughts, knowledge and understand the opinions and values ​​that are transmitted through oral and written language.
  • Sport
    Due to its privileged surroundings Mater Salvatoris school is in an ideal area to practice many different sports. The school has many appropriate facilities where students can develop their skills.
  • Pioneers in research
    Students count with one hour a week dedicated to research in the laboratory, using the scientific methods. In 4º of ESO this subject culminates with a group research project.