The Primary Education stage is the optimal moment for the education of the will.

The College, in collaboration with the family, proposes that students assume work and study habits, develop basic cultural skills, and awaken their critical sense and responsibility.

In addition, special care is taken to care for those with special educational needs.

  • Optimize performance
    The tutorial action guides with careful attention the individual and collective educational processes of the students. 
  • Learning in family
    Our school is characterized by offering a climate of family trust and collaboration between teachers and students, so that everyone can feel accepted and listened to.
  • Opening to trascendence
    At this stage, special care is taken to enjoy their relationship with God, through the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist, which they receive for the first time in 3rd of Primary.
  • Orchard Project
    Feeling part of a project means that we can get involved in a special way in what is being created. From the school garden the students of the higher courses of this stage will feel responsible and create a new space of the school that can share with the entire school community (students, parents, teachers …) From the preparation of the land, planting , Care, crops for sale or donation of the products they will be responsible for this school garden. All of this using English as the main language, applying math, science or language skills and using materials they have created in art education or skills.