Within the educational path of the College students, alumni and parents are offered the opportunity to receive a deeper human and spiritual formation through participation in some of these formative means:

  • Parents’ School +

    Parents’ School started with the aim of being another source of support that the School offers families to help in their children’s education. It aims to equip parents with the resources and tools needed to meet the demands of modern society. It is a meeting space where families have the chance to discuss different themes with professionals , chosen according to the stage of development their children have reached.

    Through these meetings and discussion of experiences between families, the aim is to help parents identify their abilities and use them efficiently when parenting at home, to share day-to-day questions that arise and to find efficient solutions which help parents overcome both big and small challenges in their children’s education.

  • Prayer Group +

    Faith, when lived in community and expressed in prayer, helps growth in the path of continuous personal and ecclesial conversion. It also creates a true fraternal relationship among the participants.

    That is why the College offers the opportunity to belong to one of these groups where, biweekly, the Word of God or some document of the Magisterium of the Church is commented, and it ends with a time of community prayer.

  • Mater Salvatoris Mountaineers +

    Mater Salvatoris Mountaineers is a school of life. The harsh, stark reality of the mountain, with the effort required to continue climbing and help companions reach a common goal, is an excellent way of building character among children and young boys, in accordance with true Christian values and virtues.

    The Mountaineer group’s motto is “More, more, and more”, the words of its patron saint, St Francis Xavier. It reflects the continuous spirit of endeavour and overcoming, essential characteristics of any mountaineer.

    The mountain offers friendship: pure, intimate, selfless, sincere, happy friendship. A hike is not an excursion, it is about following a path that is not always easy in order to reach the summit of a mountain. It is about learning that life is like a path, sometimes difficult, sometimes pleasant, and that we take the Virgin with us on our quest to reach the summit, which is holiness.

    Mater Salvatoris Mountaineers is organized in patrols, led by university students, alumni from Mater Salvatoris School. Their mission is to help children discover a group spirit and strengthen bonds of friendship and comradeship.

    The group’s main activities are monthly excursions to the mountains. Throughout the school year there are also two to three-day camping trips. Lastly, in June and July, one of the most eagerly anticipated activities takes place: summer camp.

    The Mater Salvatoris Mountaineers membership symbol is the neckerchief. The virtues of the mountaineering spirit are symbolised by stripes and badges, which recognise the effort made to embody, at all times, the attitudes of a true Mountaineer of the Virgin.

  • Marian Congregation +

    The School offers students, alumni and teachers the opportunity to grow spiritually and share the joy of faith by participating in the Mater Salvatoris Marian Congregation (Congregación Mariana Mater Salvatoris). meetings and activities.

    It aims to help young people live a full and Christian life, in the spirit of St Ignatius of Loyola.

    The Marian Congregation’s motto is “A Jesús por María” (“To Jesus through Mary”). Members pay special devotion to the Virgin by seeking to emulate her virtues and spirit of service.

    Mater Salvatoris Marian Congregation is divided into sections and different activities are organised:

    • Training days and meetings.
    • Spiritual exercises and retreats.
    • Sojourns and pilgrimages.
    • Participation in World Youth Days.
    • And other events in the life of the Church.
  • Pilgrimages and Missions +

    Pilgrimages are about exceeding the limits of the self, making a journey of reflection, and achieving a goal that brings a transcendent meaning to life. The School organises two pilgrimages during the school year:

    • Javierada: This pilgrimage to the castle in Navarre where St Francis Xavier was born is one of the students’ most eagerly anticipated activities. Taking place during the first weekend in March, students join together with others from the Mater Salvatoris Schools in Madrid and Barcelona.
    • Loyola: In October, 4th of ESO and 1st year Baccalaureate students make a pilgrimage to Loyola, the place of birth of St Ignacio de Loyola, school patron, accompanied by nuns and teachers. The pilgrimage marks the start of their preparation for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation in May for the studants of 4th of ESO, and for 1st year Baccalaureate students, its an opportunity to start school with a desire to mature.


    Other pilgrimages are organised on special occasions, such as:

    • Camino de Santiago: In Years of Jubilee and other special occasions, the School organises a pilgrimage to the tomb of St James the Apostle.
    • Lourdes: Taking advantage of the annual trip organized by the Hospitality of Lourdes of the Bishopric of Lleida, the College takes part in this pilgrimage to this Marian Sanctuary.


    In addition the College carries out missionary aid:

    • Mission in Africa: In the summer, the  alumni are offered the opportunity to gain missionary experience in Africa and to collaborate with the Mater Salvatoris School in Kalalé (Benin).
  • Teambuilding +
    In Primary and Secondary School education, students have the opportunity to spend two days in a House outside of the School. During these stopovers, a healthy environment of comradeship is created, in which preparation time and dealings with others are particularly cherished.
  • Spiritual Exercises +
    These few days allow a personal encounter with Jesus Christ through prayer in accordance with the spirituality of St Ignatius of Loyola.