Mater English project

We live in a globalised world where English has transcended its natural boundaries and become not only a vehicle for communication, but a tool of study and work.

Today, proficiency in English is essential. At a time when borders are becoming a thing of the past, Mater Salvatoris School equips its students for developing their aptitudes in a society where the pursuit of higher learning abroad is an ever more frequent option.

At Mater Salvatoris, English is more than a language. Our students learn grammatical structures and vocabulary but, yet the main aim is for this knowledge to enable them to gain insight into the history and culture of English-speaking countries.

Our School has experience as a Cambridge University learning and examination centre.


The Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the school has developed different ways of learning to make this language a true vehicle language. Some of the projects that the College carries out for this purpose are the following:

  • Intensive English learning from P3 as a vehicle language project, including recreation and dining.
  • Small groups from 5th grade onwards, which allows the classes to be active and dynamic, so that the students can interact with each other and with their teacher.
  • Preparation for the Cambridge English exams from 3rd year of Primary (Young Learners) to Baccalaureate (First Certificate or Advanced Certificate).
  • CLIL Project (Elementary English Learning) in Primary.
  • Participation in the Generalitat’s PELE project (Pla Experimental de Llengües Estrangeres), in the intensive learning module at Parvulario.
  • Inclusion in the GEP (Plurilingual Experimental Center) of the Generalitat.
  • Attending plays in English.
  • Participation in the Interscholastic Competition of Catalonia “The Fonix”
  • Stays in Ireland during the month of July, a quarter or school year with WELC (Waterford).
  • Cultural week for the 2nd ESO students in England, with the company Home to Home.
  • Participation in the Home to Home company’s CAP (Native English speaking assistant) program.
  • Summer Course in English: “MATER’S ENGLISH SUMMER SCHOOL” for Kids.
  • Extracurricular “100% ENGLISH” throughout the course, in collaboration with the English Study Centre.
  • Cooperative and group work is encouraged through projects and exhibitions based on real situations and current issues. Educational videos in a foreign language.
  • Careful selection of teachers. Therefore, we have a highly qualified native and bilingual staff in this department.

    Through games, songs and rhymes, Pre-School students acquire vocabulary naturally and progressively. At the end of this stage, children are able to formulate and understand short sentences.

    At this level, we continue to make progress in learning English. In addition to English classes, Natural Science, Drama and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) are taught in English to help students acquire this second language naturally and spontaneously.

    In their Primary School years, students take two official Cambridge University exams:

    • Cambridge English: Young Learners (Starters, Movers and Flyers).
    • Key English Test (KET).

    To enhance learning as much as possible and ensure that students receive the necessary attention, Secondary School classes consist of smaller groups formed according to their level.

    Students begin to obtain a mastery of the language at this level. In class, they continue to fine-tune their knowledge in order to develop their language and communication skills.

    At this level, students can take the Cambridge University exams:

    • Preliminary English Test (PET).
    • First Certificate in English (FCE).
    • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE).