“Having knowledge but lacking the power to express it clearly is no better than never having any ideas at all”. (Pericles).

The ability to think and express one’s ideas clearly, effectively and fluently, both in everyday conversations and in front of larger groups, is one of the most prized skills a person can possess.

There is no doubt that leadership is closely linked to the art of eloquence: the ability to persuade, teach, move and please others is an essential skill in all walks of life.

As with any human faculty, the mastery of oral expression requires cultivation and training.

Developing communication skills helps overcome insecurity and increases self-esteem, enhancing interpersonal relationships and allowing emotional intelligence to grow.

For this reason, Mater Salvatoris School educates its students in the art of public speaking throughworkshops, presentations and debates, so that they learn to overcome the fear of speaking in public and discover that doing so is not an impossible or unachievable task.